Deutsche Flugsicherung, Frankfurt, Germany

ART optical tracking helps in visualizing aircraft movements

Air traffic controllers of Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) monitor up to 10,000 aircraft movements in the sky while making sure that air traffic continues without any disruptions. In doing so, the controllers work on large radar screens. When it comes to estimating flight altitudes, however, the air traffic controllers must fall back on displays with labels, since current displays do not provide a view of the third dimension.


Why ART ?

ART’s accurate and reliable tracking is a basic requirement for high safety standards in the air traffic control. 
The integrated tracking mechanism in the shutter glasses allows the user to work without any heavy or disturbing tracking devices. 

The tracking solution

In order to improve their working instruments the DFS was starting a research project together with Cassidian, a member of the EADS Group. Additional project participants included the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) in Braunschweig, Christie Digital Systems, 3Dims GmbH for 3D simulations and ART for the tracking systems.
The point of the research project was to conduct tests at individual workstations that were designed to provide air traffic controllers with a 3D model of the air space. A pre-requisite for the entire system was high resolution. For instance, every aircraft was supposed to be displayed with all relevant data, as air traffic controllers are accustomed to at their normal workstations.
That means screen edges could not be blurry whatsoever and the detailed image should follow every movement of the air traffic controller's head to ensure that the controllers always have an optimum viewing angle.
Thanks to the excellent work and products of all participating partners the goals of high safety requirements could be fulfilled. 


  • 2 x Christie projectors Mirage WU7K-M
  • 3Dims work station
  • active 3D stereo system with active shutter glasses
  • 2 x ARTTRACK2 cameras and an integrated ART tracking mechanism in the shutter glasses