Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) describes a technology that blends digital content into our real world, sich as high-precision AR overlays of the real and the simulated world in the "ART Tracking in moving verhicles" solution.
Another use case shows that by tracking a video camera the virtual data can be superimposed on a physical prototype like it has been realised in the Window to the World project (see further below).

Tracking in moving vehicles

Enhanced ART products allow new applications for the automotive industry

Ground truth evaluations, tracking of the driver’s 3D head position, movements of hands and arms, as well as Motion Capture and eye tracking in the car become more and more important in the car manufacturers’ development work. Results allow more precise and targeted developments in intelligent car information systems, design and ergonomic analysis. The evaluations can take place both in a resting as well as in a moving car.

Technical achievements

  • High-precision measurement of head position and orientation (driver and passenger)
  • High frequency (300 Hz), low jitter and low latency (<6ms) of the tracking system
  • Wide field of view
  • Robustness against shocks and direct sunlight
  • Fast enough for optical see-throughs
  • High-precision time stamps for exact inertial sensor fusion


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Applications and benefits

  • Tracking of driver’s and co-driver’s head- and eye movements as well as of passengers
    in rear seats
  • High-precision AR overlays of the real and the simulated world
  • Ground Truth System for internal eye position measurements
  • Verification of algorithms as a basic development for autonomous driving

Set up

  • SMARTTRACK3 tracking system, or:
  • Enhanced applications possible with an ARTTRACK5/C IF tracking system
  • Targets for headtracking

The Window to the World project

The “Window to the World” application by metaio and ART combines the physical and the virtual world in a very precise way. The system consists of a movable Augmented Reality screen between the user and the object to be analyzed.

Variants can be shown or virtual parts not yet produced can be added to the physical prototype. The visualization is even more realistic if the CAD model is enhanced using lighting effects and reflections. To have a very high and robust tracking, the system is based on the Infrared Tracking System of ART, within flexible and high-volume working spaces.

A precisely calibrated camera is placed behind a monitor, in such a way that the user literally looks through the monitor into the real world.


  • Photo-realism due to high-quality rendering
  • Full-size analyses based on correct proportions
  • Early detection of construction and design errors
  • Reduction in the amount of prototypes created
  • Simple communication between all stakeholders 

Application Fields:

  • Evaluating design options
  • Surveying look-and-feel
  • Superimpose simulation data
  • Analysing fabrication quality
  • Determining deviations