Case studies

Our goal and our strength are long-term partnerships with our customers that up to now have already evoked many successful and excellent projects. On the following pages we would like to show you how our customers have used ART technology and devices to create their unique solutions. If you have any questions to one of the listed examples please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you further information!

Academic research

IfM Chemnitz, Germany more

IfM Chemnitz, Germany
Ergonomic and biomechanical analysis supported by an ART Motion Capture system

Wichita State University, USA more

Wichita State University, USA
TRACKPACK/E supports Mechdyne's largest reconfigurable VR system

University of Toledo more

The country's most advanced health-care training facility

University of Dresden, Germany more

ART tracking in the construction machinery industry

University of Aachen, Germany more

ART tracking in huge VR installations

University of Kassel, Germany more

ART tracking for ergonomic analysis

IAO Stuttgart, Germany more

ART tracking in architectural and transport research

Automotive industry

Audi, Germany more

Audi, Germany
ART implements “Window To The World” at AUDI

Daimler, Sindelfingen, Germany more

Daimler, Sindelfingen, Germany
ART Fingertracking at Daimler’s product development

Aerospace industry

Aerospace Logistics Company, Italy more

Aerospace Logistics Company, Italy
New VR Lab at ALTEC using ART tracking systems

Deutsche Flugsicherung, Frankfurt, Germany more

Deutsche Flugsicherung, Frankfurt, Germany
ART optical tracking helps in visualizing aircraft movements

Simulation & training

PICOM, Lille, France more

PICOM in Lille, France
The future of retail goes VR: with support of ART tracking

Grohe Showroom Singapore more

Grohe Showroom Singapore
Grohe’s VR based showcase of sanitary fittings

Bombardier, Germany more

Virtual manufacturing at Bombardier with ART tracking

Building and Construction Authority, Singapore more

New VR training facility in Singapore

Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer, Austria more

ART optical tracking in a fire simulation application

MEVEA, Finland more

Simulation and training in the construction machinery industry