Case studies in academic research

Since the beginning ART has been working together with research and academic institutes from different countries. The ART research and development department and the external institutes have always been benefitting by each other. That's also a reason why we permanently reach a high development level.

IfM Chemnitz, Germany more

IfM Chemnitz, Germany
Ergonomic and biomechanical analysis supported by an ART Motion Capture system

Wichita State University, USA more

Wichita State University, USA
TRACKPACK/E supports Mechdyne's largest reconfigurable VR system

University of Gdansk, Poland more

University of Gdansk, Poland
ART tracking for "easy to access" immersion

University of Toledo more

University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
The country's most advanced health-care training facility

University of Dresden, Germany more

University of Dresden, Germany
ART tracking in the construction machinery industry

University of Aachen, Germany more

University of Aachen, Germany
ART tracking in huge VR installations

University of Kassel, Germany more

University of Kassel, Germany
ART tracking for ergonomic analysis

IAO Stuttgart, Germany more

IAO Stuttgart, Germany
ART tracking in architectural and transport research