Building and Construction Authority, Singapore

ART partner NETe2 Asia installs VR system with ARTTRACK5 tracking system

In June 2015, a tender was awarded to NETe2 Asia Pte Ltd to build a state-of-the-art 3D BIM Studio at the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Academy in Singapore.

BCA is championing for drastic change in the way we build. All built environment professionals and stakeholders such as owners, designers, main contractors, specialist contractors and sub-contractors of a building project can now fully immerse themselves to walk through virtual 3D buildings. They can simulate the construction process in a 3D virtual environment before buildings are physically built on site, as opposed to viewing conventional drawings and models on paper and screen.

This feature is part of the Centre for Lean & Virtual Construction, a new million-dollar facility to further enhance communication, work effectiveness and efficiency among all stakeholders in a construction project. Developed by BCA, the Centre is first of its kind in Singapore for the built environment sector, and is equipped with an array of latest 3D immersive technologies and Building Information Modelling (BIM) software for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) with a special focus on Lean Construction. It aims to gear the industry towards both mind-set change and process change based on the concepts of Lean & Virtual Construction, leading to drastic improvement in construction productivity. It is also the first large-scale fully immersive and experiential learning facility for VDC in Southeast Asia, with industry firms sponsoring most of the software components.

The Centre facilitates the VDC process, where stakeholders of the entire construction value chain can converge and bring their respective designs to life before anything is built physically. The VDC process integrates the design, prefabrication and construction phases of a project, allowing all stakeholders to collaborate and identify upstream design clashes, plan for the prefabrication process, and simulate the downstream construction workflow virtually with process and production improvements in mind through Lean Construction principles. This is effectively a full-dress rehearsal before actual construction works start on site. This will lead to a quantum shift in work processes as compared with conventional methods of construction, with reported productivity improvements averaging more than 20%.


Why ART ?

ART tracking fulfils the requirements for a fast and smooth data transfer.

A very accurate and stable tracking system is required when performing a construction design review.

Direct input from the user immersed within a simulation was required.

The tracking solution

The ART tracking cameras were selected as an integral part of the 3D BIM Studio, which consists of an image size of 6m (wide) by 2.5m (tall) from two 3D Stereoscopic rear-projectors blending the projections onto a wide flat screen.
The system provides an immensely immersive and interactive virtual 3D experience for the users. It is a powerful tool to perform construction design reviews as part of the industry’s VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) modern practices.
The interactivity, powered by six ART cameras, is a critical feature of the system, allowing the projected images to adjust viewing perspectives according the user’s position and movement. This greatly enhances the immersive experience for the user.


  • 6 x ARTTRACK5 cameras
  • 2 x Christie 3D Stereoscopic Rear Projectors
  • Wide Flat Screen ‐ AT3 Screen Masked Mitered Corners
  • ART Flystick2 and ART Headtracking