Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer, Austria

The Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer (IBG) developed the world’s first virtual fire extinguisher

In March 2010, the FireSimulator3D was the world’s first virtual extinguisher training equipment. The Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer (IBG) in Neunkirchen, Austria developed it for the safety of business and their employees. Virtual fire-fighting training is the only safe way of practically demonstrating the correct use of portable fire extinguishers.


Why ART ?

ART convinced again by its stability and the quick and easy set-up. 
The ARTTRACK2 cameras guarantee a high tracking quality in the required field of 24 square meters. 

The tracking solution

In the virtual three-dimensional training zone that recreates situations from the kitchen to the machine shop, fire, smoke and extinguishing agents are digitally portrayed by means of a 3D projection (1). Infrared cameras (2) register the positions of the 3D shutter glasses (3) and the fire extinguisher (4) and transfer them to the computer.

The computer simulation can realistically show the spread of a fire, from a perceptible flame to a fully developed fire. No other training system can show or control this.


  • Projection screen (2.8m width, 2.4m height)
  • Operating area of 24 square meters
  • 2 ARTTRACK2 cameras
  • Input devices: Flystick3, Headtracking