MEVEA, Finland

The finnish simulation specialist Mevea presents a mobile solution for a wheel loader equipped with ART’s SMARTTRACK

Mevea Ltd. is a Finnish company which is specialized in real-time simulation of dynamics, multitechnical systems and virtual engineering. Mevea offers solutions for R&D and operator training. The Mevea Wheel Loader Simulator is the first member of the Construction/ Earth moving product family. The other members, such as the Excavator Simulator, the Dump Truck Simulator and the Grader Simulator are to be completed during the second quarter of 2014.

The Wheel Loader Simulator is optimal for teaching new operators, but it is equally useful for teaching new skills for experienced drivers. Attributes, such as fuel consumption or tire wearing can be easily monitored during each exercise and also afterwards from the exercise report.


Why ART ?

The SMARTTRACK fulfilled the "quick & easy" requirements for a mobile simulation solution. 
The accuracy and stability even of a small mobile tracking system was convincing. 

The tracking solution

The ACS 2DOF Simulator is a mobile hardware option which gives you accurate motion feedback with the Mevea 2DOF Motion Platform. This simulator is optimal for customers that want the best possible operating feedback without losing the ability to move the simulator from one training site to another. The ACS 2DOF can be equipped with ART’s mobile tracking solution, the SMARTTRACK, and a head tracking system, where the operators head position alters the view seen on the screen. This gives the operator the possibility to peek around objects as in a real machine. This simulator is equipped with a large, usually a 55” 3D Full HD screen. Due to the big screen size the operator gets a clear view out of every machine and cabin. The ACS simulators have also a 3D option, where the simulators can be turned into 3D mode which provides a stereoscopic sight and thereby better depth perception. All ACS simulators are provided with a real working machine seat and real controls.


  • Mevea 2DOF Motion Platform
  • Large 3D Full HD screen (Optional: 3 large screens)
  • ART’s mobile tracking system, the SMARTTRACK, with a Head Tracking System for altering the drivers view
  • Original controls
  • Mevea Simulation Software