AWE 2023 review

Vienna, Austria

Together with our partners Vrgineers and Virtualware we had some very attractive demos to present to AWE visitors:

Vrgineers demonstrated their flight simulators such as F-18 integrated into their Portable Trainer equipped with XTAL 3 Mixed Reality Headset and our compact tracking system SMARTTRACK3/M.

Why SMARTTRACK3/M? It's our very compact and easy to install tracking system that

  • allows tracking on very short distance (<15cm)
  • achieves a low latency, needed for close-to-real VR/AR experiences
  • reaches millimeter precise positioning or overlays

Furthermore our partner Virtualware presented their product VIROO which enables easy creation, management, and deployment of immersive multi-user content. From VR content creation and remote collaboration capabilities to immersive room deployment. The discrete ARTTRACK6/M was here the perfect tracking system.

If you didn't have the chance to walk by, get in touch with us. There is always a solution! 😉