IAO Stuttgart: Optisches Tracking in der Architektur- und Verkehrsforschung

IAO Stuttgart, Germany

OPtical tracking in architectural and transport research

The Immersive Engineering Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is a modern working and presentation environment that allows immersive 3D displays for realistic, detailed, accurately rendered real-time visualization. Furthermore, the laboratory’s large media wall means it is ideally equipped for collaborative, multimedia work sessions. This combination facilitates a unique, seamless working environment for complex planning and design tasks in the fields of engineering, technology management and design. Fraunhofer IAO’s research and industrial partners use the laboratory for a broad variety of applications:

  • Developing products with virtual prototypes
  • Supporting the integration of product development and production planning
  • Developing virtual urban planning, virtual construction processes, and virtual building inspection
  • Creating virtual spaces where architectural, urban planning, and transport concepts are brought to life

    The tracking solution

    The main component of the laboratory is a high-resolution 3D projection system with a 5.5-meter-long and 3.4-meter-high powerwall and a built-in four-wall cave. A huge variety of different media streams can be controlled from a control unit, which also functions as a facilitation tool for discussions. Interaction takes place using the latest technologies such as multi-touch displays, gesture control, and ART’s optical tracking system (ARTTRACK3). The lighting can also be controlled to suit specific situations as an integral part of the overall environment, enabling an integrated, ergonomic, optimally adapted working space.

    Why ART ?

    • Accuracy and stability
      • The accuracy and stability of ART tracking systems was compulsory for the aimed visualization data transfer.
    • Long-term partnership with ART
      • The long-term and successful partnership between ART and the IAO Stuttgart and the strong support by ART’s sales team was a persuading arguement for choosing ART.


    • High-resolution 3D projection system: 11 x Barco NW-12 projectors
    • 5.5 x 3.4m Powerwall with a built-in four-wall cave
    • Gesture control: Head- and body tracking, 3D navigation, tablet control
    • 3D real-time positioning systems: 12 x ARTTRACK3 cameras with ART Flystick2 and Flystick3, ART Glasses targets for Headtracking
    • VRFx/Lightning Software by Fraunhofer IAO

    Combinable products:

    ARTTRACK5 in use


    Industry standard for immersive 3D for large tracking volumes, accurate and stable

    ARTTRACK5 is the next generation of our ARTTRACK camera family, the standard for immersive 3D applications in industry and research.
    ARTTRACK5’s enhanced features offer higher…