SMARTTRACK3/M in einem Cockpitsimulator

Thank you for a successful SMARTTRACK3/M WebinART!

Dear customers, dear partners,

last week's WebinART presented our latest compact and powerful tracking development: SMARTTRACK3/M. Many interested participants with their numerous questions and positive feedback encouraged us that their requirements are met and that SMARTTRACK3/M will provide a wide implementation and benefit to our customers. That's good news! Thank you so much!

  • Did you miss the live event?
  • Would you like to get a summary of what the ART team presented?

Send us a quick note to and we will be happy to provide you the summary pdf of the WebinART.

SMARTTRACK3/M is your solution for tracking when you:

  • have a restricted building space
  • want to track short & wide
  • ... in moving vehicles
  • ... with 1 to 10 objects to track
  • want it reliable, precise and fast
  • need tracking to match physical objects
  • want to switch on and work without new calibration
  • like to have a fast & competent support
  • do your tracking outside - we provide special filters for work in sunlit areas

Want to know more? Just contact us!

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