Thank you for a successful WebinART!


Dear customers, dear partners,

last week's WebinART with latest ART product and development news was a real success! And this only because of your numerous participation and  interested inquiries and feedback! It shows and encourages us that we are on the right way which we will of course continue to pursue. Thank you so much!

We herewith would like to give you the chance to (re-) experience the event, and to take a closer look at specific scenes and topics. Should you have any further questions afterwards, please contact us and we will be very happy to help you!

Just send a quick email to and type "video link" as subject, and we will send you the link to the video

Main topics of the last webinART were:

  • Flystick 2+: exciting new featuresFlystick2+
  • SMARTTRACK3-IF: less sensitive against bright light
  • SMARTTRACK3 cascade: combine two SMARTTRACKs
  • DTrack3 v.3.1.1: screen sharing, time synchronization, licenses
  • Room adjustment based on reference points: align room calibration to given coordinate system
  • Reference Target: repositioning of coordinates without wand calibration
  • Measurement Tool: enhancements for your high precise point measurements