Tool Tracking in der Produktionsumgebung, Anwendung mit CAPTA

Tool Tracking solutions - Always the Right Tool position

Looking back at Motek 2022: it was a great show, and a very successful one for us!
Many interested visitors stopped by to learn how they can save time & money by using our cool Tool Tracking solutions. Our ART booth team demonstrated the ART Tool Tracking technologies based on V
ERPOSE® and DTRACK, which can optimize production processes.

  • VERPOSE® offers easy-to-use image recognition
  • DTRACK enables optical marker-based Tool Tracking

And the best part is: the technologies can also be combined!

You couldn't come along and missed our demos? No problem! We offer perfect customized solutions, so why not also for YOUR needs? Just contact us and we can make a personal arrangement!

    Do you already benefit from Tool Tracking systems in your production process?
    Are you aware of how valuable they can be, because they can optimize your assembly sequences and thus save you time and money?

    Tool Tracking solutions by ART - Always the Right Tool position.

    During MOTEK we presented two approaches for Tool Tracking:

    1. ART‘s solution with VERPOSE®  -  Easy-to-use image recognition.

    The small and robust VERPOSE® camera mounted on the tool detects critical assembly screw positions.  It enables preventing assembly mistakes by controlling and identifiying the sequence and screw positions. By using an AI software, the screw positions, trained in a short setup process, will then be able to recognize accurately and robustly.

    Our cableless VERPOSE® version VERPOSE/TI is closely interacting with the tool to achieve maximum performance in a compact shape.

    2. ART‘s solution with DTRACK - Marker-based tool tracking.

    For table-like assembly situations ART provides an industrial version of its well-known DTRACK. Our DTRACK solution identifies the critical positions of the handheld tool by using reflection-based triangulation and provides accurate 6DOF output from any tool, or even from the assembly location.
    A small passive target on the tool enables to track any assembly device with the compact ART optical tracking system.
    Moreover, DTRACK can monitor several devices at the same time in the same area.