That was ART TECHDAY 2022

This year's  ART TECHDAY 2022 online edition  was a real success and a further confirmation for us that our technologies and latest developments really meet our customers' needs and requirements. Thank you for so many registrations, for your high interest during the sessions and your valuable feedback after the show!

We are thankful and proud of such a great team that has again set up high interesting and advanced demos and at the same time had presented them in such an attractive way.

These were the main topics during the event:


  • DTRACK updates enable very precise Fingertracking - for VR applications, together with our partners TechViz and LP-Research
  • Precise headtracking with the compact SMARTTRACK3/M - for pilot training and field operations, with our partner VRgineers


  • VERPOSE® – enables secure recording of assembly positions - now also wireless and combined with marker-based optical tracking
  • Optical tool tracking and laser projection together with our partner Extend3D. Visualization of defects for post-processing - and display of the process flow


  • CAPTA - markerless tracking now with even more options:
    • extension from single to multi-camera application
    • extension from single to multi-object tracking


All participants have received a comprehensive info package including a recording of the event, ART product and partner information, a Q&A document as well as the TECHDAY presentation slides.

Here you find a selection of the most important questions and our answers:

Localization - VERPOSE with SMARTTRACK3/M
How many screwing programs per tooling controllers can we handle? How many tools in total can we handle?
ART: Our customers are not limited in the number of programs. VERPOSE has no effect on the functionality of the screwdriver controller.

Why do you use a SMARTTRACK in combination with VERPOSE? Could it be combined with other tracking technologies?
ART: In this mock-up for the production of a battery cell you can experience repetitive patterns (i.e., areas that look identical) which make localization more difficult. In order to reliably detect the correct position, you can combine VERPOSE with additional information from another source. Since ART also provides optical tracking systems, we can make us of that knowledge and simply combine the data output that enables us to provide trusted information.

Multicamera setup with CAPTA
Is there an estimation on the latency influenced by the number of objects being tracked?
Yes, there is a minor drop in execution speed depending on the number of objects that are visible in the image. For 9 objects the algorithm still runs on average with 30fps on a standard computer with an NVIDIA graphics card (GTX 1080 Ti).

Does the system still work in front of a constantly changing background? For example, would it work in front of a large video screen?
Changing background itself is not a problem. E.g., regions in the background with fast movement might lead to motion which may also facilitate the detection.

Head tracking with compact SMARTTRACK3/M for pilot training
Which HMDs are you compatible with?
Currently, you can use ART tracking together with the following list of headsets:
• VRgineers XTAL (all versions),
• HTC VIVE (Pro),
• Valve INDEX,
• Varjo (all versions),

If you are also interested in more information about the above topics and the TECHDAY event, please let us know by sending a quick email to

Looking forward to discuss YOUR optimized tracking solution!

Your ART team