For the first time ART Fingertracking will work in a Unity plugin.

World premiere! ART Fingertracking in a Unity plugin

Reutlingen, Germany

We have been exhibiting at the first 2022:

CMC Engineers GmbH hosted this first Industry Forum in Reutlingen, Germany as Unity "Gold Authorized Reseller".

World premiere! For the first time ART Fingertracking worked in a Unity plugin, adding even more realism to immersive R&D, engineering and ergonomic visualizations. We presented our proven and continuously optimized ART Fingertracking solution in a Unity plugin.

Visitors could experience the ART Fingertracking in action and try out for themselves the world's best fingertip accuracy of all variants of glove technology.

Get a first impressionby clicking this clip:
ART Fingertracking video

More event information (in German):