Laval Virtual 2018

It is again April and so it's time to plan a trip and visit one of the most exciting shows with a focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality: Laval Virtual. First of all, we'd like to say "Congratulations to 20 years of Laval Virtual" and Thank You for being a great host to all visitors and exhibitors being in Laval each year!

For the twentieth edition, your plan obviously was to fill up La Salle Polyvalante and the entire parking spot in front so that all the exhibitors and visitors would find enough space to chat, experience and sell. You did a great job on that as well. Looking forward to visiting next year again! Curious to see how much you will have expanded by then ;-)

Last but not least, we'd like to also say Thank You to our partners, customers and friends that helped us to promote our products during the show, like: Immersion, Barco, VRgineers, Techviz, MiddleVR, Antycip, DeltaCAD, VRConcept, Digital Projection, Optis/NVIDIA, ...

We can also say that we very much enjoyed the chats and discussions about project ideas which will hopefully turn into reality. The entire team at Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH (ART) is totally excited to see how our evolved products for any immersive system and new technologies for additional areas of operation will form part of the future in this very interesting market. A glimpse on what is about to arrive can be enjoyed on our YouTube channel and for example in this video:

Finally, some impressions from the Laval Virtual and two videos of our exhibited products FINGERTRACKING2 Tactile and the new Hybrid Tracking. Enjoy!

Ulrich Probost, CCO at ART