it3D Summit 2019

12 - 13 June 2019

Bordeaux, France

We supported our longterm partner Immersion at their popular it3D Summit, in Bordeaux, France, on June 12 & 13.

ART was participating as a sponsor, exhibitor as well as a speaker and we presented our latest technologies and solutions for various use scenarios:

Tracking without tagging the Objects

Ever lost the object in an important AR presentation in front of your management?
No longer feel like looking for the object in an image and try to snap it?
Want to detect objects in any surroundings, just knowing the CAD model?
Visitors tested out: no lose of the object again – easily identifing and tracking

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A lot of visitors tried our latest localisation technology VERPOSE providing location information of hand-guided tools and hereby avoiding mistakes in the assembly process. It offers the identification of working points and in this way the control of the operation sequence. The camera is integrated in the worker´s tool and observes the working point. It only releases when the mounting position is correct. VERPOSE works robustly even in complex industrial assembly environments.


Our new SMARTTRACK3 model was shown in action at the Barco booth. If you want to know, how neat, easy to set up and powerful our "youngest" is:

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With 20 years of experience we are specalists in achieving best benefit-oriented results.


About the event:

it3D Summit exclusively gathers professionals either expert or new users of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality in and industrial context. The event’s aim is to share the best practices to increase efficiency and improve the performance of your companies. Participating leads you to build a sustainable network of counterparts and specialists, as well as benefiting from mutual enrichment around these 3D and collaborative solutions and the potential they have.