22 - 24 April 2020

The LAVAL VIRTUAL organisation, as many others, had decided to present the event in a virtual way, and ART was also taking part in these virtual presentations.

Here we’d like to present you in a short summary what ART would have presented at the show, so that you get an idea of what we are currently working at:

Demo1:   CAPTA

During the last years we have significantly enhanced our markerless tracking technology in different directions.
See here some useful application examples.

  • Markerless Object Detection
  • Tool Tracking Application
  • Multi Object Tracking Application

See videos below to get an impression of ART's latest markerless tracking solution.


Demo 2:   VERPOSE®

VERPOSE® is a camera-based system for hand-held assembly tools which uses intelligent image analysis software to
detect assembly positions and sequences.


Demo 3:    Tracking of Mini Targets

Virtual "Drive through" of a small toy vehicle exploring a logistics hall. Very small flat markers are very well tracked by our compact tracking system SMARTTRACK3. See picture below.


If you wish to know more about our latest technologies and possible adaptations for your business, please contact:

  • for CAPTA and VR Tracking of Mini Targets
    Ulrike Helfferich-Heinrich
    Business Development Manager CAPTA and Sales Director
    ulrike.helfferichar-trackingde , ph: +49-881-9253061
  • for VERPOSE
    Robert Bücher
    Business Development Manager VERPOSE
    robert.buecherar-trackingde , ph: +49-(0)176 - 455 712 10

or simply use our contact form.

Thank you for your interest.

Take care!

Your ART Team