ART announces technology partnership with LP Research Inc.


Weilheim/Tokyo –Optical Tracking specialist ART and LP Research, supplier of advanced sensor systems and sensor fusion solutions, recently proclaimed their cooperation in a project combining their strengths to achieve a large scale, high-precision and user-friendly HMD tracking solution.

Up to now HMD users had to limit their action area to a small field  of some few square meters, due to a lower tracking quality and resulting jitter and latency problems of current out-of-the-box HMD devices.

"Combining ART's high quality tracking cameras with LP Research’s inertial sensors and advanced SteamVR driver software, users can experience high quality VR on very large areas. This opens up exciting new  opportunities – both in industrial and gaming applications. ART's expertise in tracking large areas with few cameras and LP Research's advanced inertial sensors especially allow covering very large areas without overhead construction”, says Andreas Werner, Sales Director at ART.

“By integration of our latest SteamVR driver software no additional plugins for Unity, Unreal or your development platform of choice is needed — support is automatic and prompt”, promises LP Research CEO Klaus Petersen.

Resulting benefits of the cooperation project are:

  • Large scale and high quality tracking is now also possible for HMD applications
  • Several HMD users can act and interact at the same time
  • No cables are disturbing thanks to a handy rucksack solution
  • Any existing SteamVR application now automatically supports large tracking areas
  • Fully embedded in SteamVR driver, so reprojection is supported
  • No additional plugins for your development platform is needed

HMD devices like the HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro are already supported, further will follow soon.

LP Research company information:

LP-RESEARCH Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan and it specialises in the design and development of life science and research equipment. We are a dedicated and highly trained team of engineers who put all their effort into producing products with the highest quality standard. Our work doesn’t stop with the shipment of a product. We take great pride in providing thorough support and specific customisation to our customers. Website:
Press Contact: LP-RESEARCH Inc. · T +81-3-6804-1610 ·