Company founder and CEO, Konrad Zürl, is going into retirement

ART announces the retirement of company founder Konrad Zürl. The management of the company will be continued by Armin Weiss and Ulrich Probost. As the major shareholder of the company Konrad will remain connected closely to ART beyond this date.
“Thanks to Konrad’s adventurousness at the time of founding and also due to the energy, time and creativity he introduced into ART it was possible to successfully develop the company throughout the last 18 years and create a basis for the future. With his tireless commitment he has always been the ‘engine’ to ensure that things moved forward. In order to get on with this we will do our very best.” Armin Weiss, Ulrich Probost (Management)
In 1999, Konrad founded  Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH (ART).
ART then quickly developed to be the leading supplier of infrared optical tracking solutionsfor VR applications such as Powerwalls and CAVEs. In 2017 and 2018 additional areas of operation will be addressed with exciting new products taking the company to new market areas, such as VERPOSE, a tool for identifying operating points in manufacturing processes and intelligent markerless tracking for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.
The whole ART Team wishes Konrad all the best for a healthy, happy and inspiring future, and for discovering further beautiful bike tours and tasty red wines! Enjoy!