Best Assembly Idea 2019 for VERPOSE®

We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved the 1st prize at the German Assembly Congress 2019  („Deutscher Montage-Kongress 2019“) with VERPOSE®, our assembly solution for hand-held tools!

The various possibilities of applications and the easy and adaptable usability of VERPOSE were particularly emphasized by the jury team. The award convinces us that we are on the right way to consistently reach and satisfy the customers‘ needs in this wide and important application field.

Congratulations to the whole VERPOSE team who did a fantastic job!

Many thanks to our customers whose feedback was extremely important to continuously optimize the usability and quality of the VERPOSE solution!

More information on our VERPOSE page

Read the article about ART's first prize at "Best Assembly Idea 2019" in the SPS magazin Süddeutscher Verlag.