Season's Greetings 2019

Dear customers & partners, dear friends!

Looking back on this year’s highlights and achievements, we can be proud of some very successful and busy months:

In May our VERPOSE® team won Germany‘s „Best Assembly Idea Award 2019“. Congratulations to the whole team for a fantastic job and their ongoing efforts to adapt and optimise this solution to fit a wide range of unique and demanding customer requirements.
VERPOSE® is ART’s assembly solution for hand-held tools and is already in use at various production lines in the automotive industry.   

Another highlight was the launch of SMARTTRACK3 this summer, accompanied by a new version of ART’s all-rounder tracking software DTrack3.  ART’s mobile all-in-one tracking system SMARTTRACK3 now comes with some further remarkable and useful features such as passive cooling, single cable as well as more flexible mounting options.

To answer the growing demand for tracking inside moving vehicles, SMARTTRACK3’s new features also include a shock-resistant internal architecture. Further enhancements of in-car tracking areas and even more unobtrusive tracking devices are currently in process.

At the cutting edge, our markerless solution CAPTA picks up pace and thrills a growing audience with its fast recognition of objects without the need for targets or markers. Come back to us if you wish to know more!

Last month ART celebrated its 20th company anniversary! Yes, we are really „old hands“ in the VR and localisation business, and you as our customers, partners and friends may profit from our long-time experience and partnerships, from our experts and consultation quality as well as of a huge network of partners and suppliers.
Stay tuned for many more exciting ART years to come!

Dear all, in the end it’s of course you who is very precious and important! We’d like to once more thank you for your long lasting trust in us and our products. It is always an honour and a pleasure to work with you.
Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time and a healthy and happy NEW YEAR 2020!

Your ART Team


P.S.: This year, we decided to support the following charity organisations with a donation for Christmas:

  • Medico International  who tirelessly work for the human right to access good health care in developing countries.
  •  as at least a small compensation for the flights that we take visiting our customers around the world.