Predecessor Products

Since 1999 ART is developing and producing optical tracking cameras for the industrial and academical business.

The production of the first camera models (ARTTRACK1/2/3, TRACKPACK/C/IS and the old controllers ARTTRACK and TRACKPACK controller) has stopped.

Please have a look at our successor models ARTTRACK5, ARTTRACK5/C, TRACKPACK/E and the ART Controller (for all cameras except SMARTTRACK).

If you need support or service for discontinued models, please contact us here.

June 2019:

With the introduction of the new SMARTTRACK3, the production of its antecessor has been stopped (May 31, 2019). Old systems will remain repairable until June 30, 2022.
However, we reserve the right to provide other solutions for individual cases (e.g. replacement with an equivalent used model, etc.).
Please contact us for further information.