Our lightweight solution for hand tracking

The Fingertracking device is an add-on to the ART tracking system, which allows you to track the orientation of the hand and the position of the fingers. It is wireless, works for one as well as for both hands and is available as a three finger version. The Fingertracking device consists of:

  • an active hand target for affixing to the back of the hand. Synchronization is provided with a modulated flash and the low voltage power is provided with a rechargeable battery
  • three active finger markers, each consisting of an IR LED with diffusing sphere, a fixture for the finger tip and flexible wires.

The active markers are time-sequentially addressed and controlled by the active hand target unit.

Vibro-tactile Fingertracking in industrial applications

ART's vibro-tactile Fingertracking allows the integration of the hands of 1-2 persons acting in virtual simulations, with a millimeter accuracy of the finger movement. Also, additional objects (e.g., steering wheel, dashboard, rearview mirror) can be determined and animated with the same accuracy. The vibro-tactile feedback enables the user to feel the vibration at his/her fingertips when touching objects in the virtual world. The system can be used for ergonomics analysis, maintenance simulations, buildability analysis and other applications that require the interaction of a hand with objects in the virtual space.

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The output data consists of:

  • position and orientation of the back of the hand
  • number of tracked fingers as well as a distinguishing value for right and left hands,
  • position and orientation of the outermost phalanx, given in the hand coordinate system - Together with a radius, the position and orientation of the finger tip can be estimated.
  • angles between the single phalanxes as well as their lengths - These values are estimated using tracked markers and empirical data.



  • Haptic feedback in three fingers
  • Compatibility with high frame rates of ARTTRACK5
  • Intensity of the vibration can be controlled
  • Various sizes for finger thimbles
  • Support in Siemens PS, DeltaGen, EON ICube 8, IC.IDO, IPSI Server, TechViz, Virtalis, VR Concept

Technical data

Synchronizationvia modulated flash from camera
Power supply2 x AAA NiMH battery (930 mAH each)
Weight (incl. battery)115g (incl. 3-finger thimbles)
Frame rate (hand target)depends on camera system, up to 300 Hz
Frame rate (thimbles, 3-finger version)1/3 of hand target frequency
Vibro Motor
Size2.15 x 8mm precision microdrive at each finger thimble
Special featureautomatic switch off if no signal from backend for more than 1 sec
Power Supply
Rechargeable batteries2 x AAA NiMH battery (930 mAH each)
Continuous operation¹
Battery charging duration
approx. 13 hours (with 300 Hz / 30us flash, vibro motor 50% in use)
charging duration: <3h

 ¹ only valid for new batteries 

Battery Charger
Power SupplyAC: 110-250V, 50/60Hz, max. 10W or DC: 9-12V 1A
Weight (incl. power supply)202g (without batteries and power cord)