Motion Capture

Optical Target Set

The ART Motion Capture set allows the precise recording of body movements. This is achieved by using 17 individual 6DOF targets which are attached to various parts of the body. This is very flexible in use because only the targets needed for the specific Motion Capture task need to be worn. For example, in a seating buck setup we use a subset of targets to track only the upper body, head and arms. The system is capable of tracking two people with full body tracking simultaneously, while a third subject’s upper body can also be tracked at the same time. The individual reflective markers have a tough plastic coating which makes them extremely resistant to the scratches and other minor damage that can be caused by rough working environments.

Our ART-Human virtual manikin software provides a fast and easy way to accurately calibrate the human model to the dimensions of the tracked subject.

Key features:

  • Individual 6 DOF targets – no lycra body suit needed!
  • Fast and easy calibration through ART-Human
  • Tracks 2 full bodies and one upper body simultaneously
  • Absolute position of the human model
  • Robust design with tough coated markers
  • Use your tracking data directly in real time, without the need for post processing
  • Interfaces to: Alaska Dynamicus, Anybody, Catia, Delmia, ema, Siemens Jack, Virtools
    ⇒Please note that every Motion Capture software supporting BVH or C3C data can use ART tracking data!
  • Free SDK available
  • Add tracking of fingers with the ART Fingertracking system