Standard Interfaces

To be able to use the ART tracking system in VR or AR applications, one needs an interface. Lots of VR systems have developed a direct interface using the SDK coming from ART.

ART productstrackDTMVRPNVR JugglerOpen TrackerMobiDTrack
Standard Targets (6DOF)      ✓    ✓     ✓     ✓        ✓
Flystick2/3      ✓    ✓     ✓     ✓       
Measurement Tool      ✓        ✓     ○        ○
3DOF Markers          ✓                 
Fingertracking                            ✓



trackd, provided by Mechdyne, is a small "daemon" application, that acts like a standard interface for tracking and input devices. A variety of VR and motion tracking software applications already support trackd. It is available for several operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows). With trackd you are able to use any ART target, Flystick or our Measurement Tool. There is no interface for the ART Fingertracking.

VRPN (Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network)

VRPN is a set of classes within a library, provided by the NIH National Research Resource in Molecular Graphics and Microscopy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.It can be implemented into application programs to get a network-transparent interface to a set of trackers and other devices. As with trackd, you can use any target or Flystick, but no Fingertracking.

VR Juggler

VR Juggler (Open Source Virtual Reality Tools) is a research project headed by Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira at Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center. It provides Virtual Reality software developers with a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) including display surfaces, object tracking, selection and navigation, graphics rendering engines and graphical user interfaces. The VR Juggler includes the Gadgeteer module, which provides the support for ART tracking.

Open Tracker

OpenTracker was developed by a group at the Vienna University of Technology as part of the augmented reality software Studierstube. It provides an open software architecture (C++ class library) based on a highly modular design and a configuration syntax based on XML.


MobiDTrack is a motion capture plugin for AUTODESK MotionBuilder 2010/2011 and ART's DTrack. It connects tracking data delivered in real-time from Advanced Realtime Tracking equipment to AUTODESK's MotioBuilder to support full-body motion capturing. The new version released in early 2011 supports up to 36 6-DoF-Targets in order to support tracking of up to three persons with 12 DOF-markers, each. The plugin contains support for MotionBuilder 2011 32-bit/64-Bit version on Windows 32 (Windows XP ) and 64 Bit (Windows 7) and is shipped as an installer program (32-bit) able to install  the plugin-in to MotionBuilder automatically.