Supported Software



Connection via
Support for
Fingertracking ART Human
3DVIA Studio Dassault Systèmes VRPN
Acuitiv Acuitiv VR Juggler
alaska / Dynamicus IFM Chemnitz direct
AMIRA® Visage Imaging GmbH trackd™
Avango Fraunhofer IAIS VRPN
Avizo® Visualization Sciences Group trackd™
AVS Express Advanced Visual Systems trackd™
Blender Stichting Blender Foundation VRPN
Cadmium Softvise direct o
Catia Dassault Systèmes trackd™, direct
CATIA Drivers for Visualisation and Interaction Mechdyne trackd™
Cave5D Freeware trackd™
CAVELib™ Mechdyne trackd™
Conduit™ Mechdyne trackd™
COVISE/OpenCOVER HLRS trackd™, direct
DART Georgia Inst. of Technology VRPN
Delmia Dassault Systèmes trackd™, direct
DIVERSE GPL / OpenTech Inc. trackd™, VRPN
DIVISION MockUp PTC trackd™
EnSight Gold CEI Munich Office trackd™
EON Icube 8 EON Reality trackd™, direct
FlowVR Freeware VRPN
FreeVR FreeVR HomePage (Freeware) VRPN
Go2VR VSP-Technology trackd™
Human Solutions RAMSIS direct
Inside Reality Schlumberger trackd™
IPSI Server Haption trackd™, direct
IPSI scripting Haption trackd™, direct
Lifecycle Visualisation Concept Siemens PLM Software trackd™, VRPN
Lightning Fraunhofer IAO VRPN, direct
LS-PrePost-VR LSTC (Livermore Software Technology Corp.) via Inv3rsion VR Juggler
Maverik Freeware VRPN
MiddleVR, Improov³ MiddleVR VRPN
Ogre3D Freeware VRPN
Open Inventor® Visualization Sciences Group trackd™
OpenScenegraph OpenSceneGraph (Freeware) VRPN
Opticore Autodesk trackd™
Panda3D Panda3D Development Team (Freeware) VRPN
Petrel Schlumberger trackd™
PiXYZ Review PiXYZ Software direct o
Quest3D Quest3D direct
RapidVRM Visual Advantage trackd™
3DEXCITE DeltaGen 3DEXCITE trackd™
SARA SARA trackd™
Showcase® Autodesk® trackd™
Studierstube1 TU Wien direct
Syzgy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign trackd™, VRPN
Teamcenter Visualisation with Concept Showroom Siemens PLM Software trackd™, VRPN
Tecnomatix Jack and Process Simulate Human Siemens PLM Software direct
TechViz XL TechViz direct
THIEA-RT Optis trackd™, VRPN, VR Juggler, direct
Unifeye SDK metaio direct
Unigine Unigine Corporation direct
Unity Engine Unity Technologies VRPN
Vega Prime Immersive Presagis trackd™
vGeo Mechdyne trackd™
Virtools Dev Dassault Systèmes VRPN
Virtual Sight Lumiscaphe VRPN
Vizard WorldViz VRPN
VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign VRPN
VMP University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign VRPN
VR Concept VR Concept VRPN
VR4MAX Tree C Technology trackd™
VRFx Fraunhofer IAO VRPN, direct
VRED Autodesk® VRPN ✓*
VR Juggler Iowa State University trackd™, VRPN, direct
World Toolkit IDO Sense8 trackd™

* Customer-developed solution available, please contact ART for more information

Please note that this list makes n claim to be complete. E.g. when using trackedTM or VRPN there might be interfaces to software products which we aren't aware of at the moment.

Please find here an overview of our dedicated Software Partners: ART Software Partners

If you can provide any feedback regarding interfaces please feel free to contact us! Thank you!