Tracking systems

We offer three main tracking camera systems:
    • for small and mobile solutions
  • TRACKPACK system
    • for middle sized tracking volumes
  • ARTTRACK system
    • for high requirements and large scale visualisations

All ART cameras have been designed specifically for installation into complex systems where space is limited.

Camera system comparison

Ideal for...
Small tracking volumes

Middle-sized tracking volumes

Big tracking volumes
Application requirements 
  • Standard VR applications
  • Ideal for mobile solutions
  • Cost saving
  • Best solution for head and Flystick tracking
  • High in data volumes, accuracy and tracking volumes
  • Mobile solution
  • Plug & play (pre-calibrated)
  • Cost effective
  • High performance & cost efficiency
  • Small size
  • Can be mixed with ARTTRACK5(/C)
  • High end product: highest ART performance
  • Easily and completely scalable
  • Available as cave model (discrete visual appearance)


Feature comparison

Frustum (in m³)4.560100
Max. frame rate60 Hz120 Hz300 Hz
Max. tracking range2.5 m4.5 m7.5 m
Min. number of cameras2 (integrated)22
Max. number of cameras ...   
   ... per controller2 integrated88
   ... per system20 (via cascade)50 (>8: ext. Switches necessary)
Remote controlvia Dtrack2via DTrack2via DTrack2 
Cave compatibleARTTRACK5/C
Full Body Motion Capture✓ (limited)
Fingertracking✓ (limited)
Cooling fan
Active Targets
Passive Targets
Number of sync groups133