ART Controller

Suitable for all ARTTRACK and TRACKPACK systems

Together with ARTTRACK5 we introduce the new ART Controller for ARTTRACK and TRACKPACK systems. The new Controller is available only in a single variant for the housing – it is always rack-mountable (19" housing). In case no rack will be available at the customer’s site it’s also possible to place the ATC on a table for example – there are rubber feet at its bottom.

If necessary compatibility with ARTTRACK1/2/3 cameras is given. The user only needs to account for a switch between the ARTTRACK1/2/3 cameras and the Controller.


    • Can directly host up to 8 cameras
    • More cameras can be driven with an external PoE+ switch provided by ART
    • Easy remote access through front-end software
    • Data output via Ethernet
    • Simple camera and target management
    • Flexible adjustment of room and body coordinates
    • Convenient configuration management
    • Software Interfaces: trackd, VRPN or direct via SDK
    • Wake on LAN
    • NTP syncronization available
    • Comes in a single variant for the housing (rack-mountable, 19")

    Technical data

    Size480 mm x 345 mm x 135 mm (3U)
    Weight9.75 kg
    Power Supply
    Voltage110 - 240 V
    Max. power consumption250 W
    Synchronization inBNC, 75 Ω
    Data inEthernet 1 Gigabit/s
    Data outEthernet 1 Gigabit/s
    Service accessUSB