The SMARTTRACK is the plug & play tracking solution for small volumes.

Two tracking cameras and the controller are fully integrated in one housing. When delivered, the SMARTTRACK is pre-calibrated and may be used immediately. This and its compact size make the SMARTTRACK the ideal mobile, out-of-the-box tracking system.

Using the SMARTTRACK is easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  • turn it on
  • calibrate the bodies to be used and adjust the SMARTTRACK’s coordinate system to the coordinate system of the application (if necessary)
  • start tracking

Typical applications

Typical applications are for example:

  • Engineering or design review at a workbench
  • Staff training in front of stereo TVs or with head-mounted displays

It is ideal for head tracking or for using an interaction device. In order to work in active stereo applications with the SMARTTRACK it is possible to establish an external synchronisation.

New in July 2019: SMARTTRACK3!

With these new key enhanced features:

  • Enhanced performance:
    • Frame rate up to 240Hz  (up to 150 Hz on full sensor)
    • Latency <10ms
  • Single-cable: Power over Ethernet
  • Passive cooling (fanless design)
  • More robust against vibrations and shocks
  • Even wider field of view
  • Improved mounting options


Extended areas of application:

Higher performance and robustness of the new SMARTTRACK3 allow new, more demanding applications, such as simulators or the use in moving vehicles.


Technical data

Measurement Principle
infrared optical tracking camera, to work with passive or active markers
IR Source
invisible IRinbuilt IR LED flash, wavelength 850 nm
flash intensityflash energy adjustable in several steps (controlled by software DTrack2)

not available

Frame ratemax. 60 fps (adjustable)
Max. number of targets
Frustum 4.75 m³
Max. tracking range (m)2.5
Field of View (FoV)
Field of View (each lens)approx. horiz. 100 deg, vert. 72 deg
SynchronizationBNC, 75 Ω
Data outputRJ45 
Power supply5 V
Power consumptionmax. 20 W
Radio Module
Type IDIEEE 802.15.4
FrequencyISM frequency range available: 2400.00 – 2483.50 MHz , 8 channels
Transmission power1 mW
Operating temperature
 up to 35°C
Size410 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm
Weight1.25 kg