VERPOSE - Always the right position.

What is VERPOSE?

  • VERPOSE® (verify position) is a camera system for hand-held assembly tools (electrical screwdrivers, riveting tools, clinching pliers, filling machines and other special devices).
  • The camera is mounted on the tool and observes the assembly position.
  • VERPOSE has an intelligent image analysis software to detect predefined assembly positions and sequences.
  • Assembly positions are identified and evaluated.

Fields of application

  • VERPOSE is optimally suited for series assembly.
  • It ensures the correct tool positioning in assembly processes.
  • VERPOSE can be used to release and document assembly steps.
  • Compliance with given assembly sequences can be assured.
  • VERPOSE enables faster training success in assembly.

Achievable benefits

  • Reliable real-time acquisition with high detection rates.
  • The tool control only releases when the mounting position is correct.
  • Assembly parameters (e.g. torque, angle) can be activated in a position-specific manner.
  • Each worker can assemble in their specific order - without loss of quality.
  • Prevention of defects and thus greater flexibility of time for the worker.
  • The test setup is straightforward. Quick and easy training in minutes.
  • The modular system can be adapted to a wide range of industrial requirements.
  • Improved process assurance and cost savings through:
    • Higher process reliability and minimisation of errors in the assembly process
    • Securing the assembly steps with intelligent, automated image recognition
    • Reduction of rework rate
  • Camera fixation directly on the tool allows:
    • Minimisation of occlusions
    • Absence of external sensors and cumbersome structures in the production hall,
    • Quick and easy change of positions.

VERPOSE brochure

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