NETe2 Asia

NETe2 Asia Pte Ltd is an industry leader in Audio Visual Systems Integration, Video Conferencing and Video Management as well as Multimedia Design & Build Collaboration Solutions. Founded on the 13th Day of June, 2000, NETe2 Asia has grown to become the leading System Integrator in the provision of Complex Turn-key Solutions, in the areas of Professional Video Conferencing and Total Unified Conferencing Solutions, Audio Visual Integration, Video Surveillance, Multimedia Solutions, with a unique Software Development Arm for a Complete System Customization. Headquartered in Singapore, NETe2 Asia’s regional offices are located in Malaysia, Hong Kong.

Well entrenched with our clients spanning across Non-Profit Organizations, Multi-National Corporations, Commercial Clients, Government Agencies and Military Services and Contractors, NETe2 Asia has time and again proven its firm belief in achieving Technical Excellence and timely delivery of projects.