Multi-View-Projektion: Jeder Benutzer sieht seine eigene Ansicht, während er dieselbe Anwendung verwendet

Digital Projection, UK

Multi-view experience: Each user sees his own vista

With the new INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector by our partner Digital Projection users can now experience the same application with each their single view and interaction moves.


With Multi-View 3D projection, a single projector, with ultra-fast frame rates accommodates several viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. This allows the users to see and interact with each other in a truly shared collaborative manner.

Instead of providing 120 frames per second, which is enough for single user 3D, the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 delivers an unrivalled 360 frames per second at native 4K resolution, enabling content creators to serve three independent, high-resolution 3D views with just one projector. Furthermore, the addition of a second projector to the system increases the unique user 3D views to six.

The possibilities for this technology are endless. Other than visualisation applications and virtual rides in theme parks, museums are another predestined application for this ground-breaking technology. A virtual tour of an ancient building or a lifelike experience of an invaluable object is now possible. Thanks to a personalised, pin-sharp view for each user, everybody can follow the explanations of the guide from their perspective. Every detail is displayed for each user from the right point of view.

To enable users to view images from their correct perspective, they must be tracked to 6 Degrees of Freedom [6DOF] and therefore ART could easily provide the required tracking quality, as well as corresponding head tracking and interaction devices.

Why ART?

  • The accurate and reliable tracking plus the ease of use for setting up the system was key for Digital Projection in capitalizing on the true benefits of Multiview Technology with up to six users.

Set up:

  • Projector:                     INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector
  • Tracking system:       4 x ARTTRACK5 cameras
  • Interaction:                 Flystick2 with head tracking
  • Software:                    TechViz Software in combination with ISS Model


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Video:        Multi-View 3D Projector Lets Viewers Interact and Collaborate in 4K!