TRACKPACK/E close-up

Product Program

ART´s product portfolio offers high-end optical tracking systems and advanced localization solutions, based on different softwares and technologies:
In our DTRACK based product line precise marker-based optical tracking cameras, interaction devices, markers & targets and backend software are included.
This product range is extended by markerless CAPTA Application Software Module, a deep-learning based detection and robust tracking solution for recognition and tracking of objects. Our product range is rounded out by VERPOSE®, a camera-based system for hand-held assembly tools and very useful for quality assurance and documentation.
Our products are arranged according to the application they work with, i.e. DTRACK, VERPOSE or CAPTA. You are invited to further explore our product program by selecting one of the following buttons or by filtering over the desired product category. The complete overview of ART's products and solutions can be found in our company brochure.

Product Category


Our tracking software for any VR/AR application

All ART systems have been designed around an integrated and adaptable architecture that provides reliable and accurate motion tracking for immersive projection systems, wide area HMD tracking and many other VR applications.

CAPTA: Tracking without tagging the objects



CAPTA technology is a markerless deep-learning based detection and robust tracking of objects in camera images, for recognition and tracking of workpieces or complete vehicle bodies, support at assembly maintenance tasks and tracking of products…

VERPOSE system is very useful in assembly processes


Always the right position

VERPOSE® is a camera-based system for hand-held assembly tools (electrical screwdrivers, riveting tools, clinching pliers, filling devices and other special tools).
The camera is mounted on the tool and observes the assembly position.

Two ARTTRACK6/M while tracking


Small and unobtrusive, but powerful

ART is well known for adaptions to users' requirements. Regarding the brand new ARTTRACK6/M the need for a small and powerful camera that can be used in limited spaces and compartments was very high, especially from the developments…

ARTTRACK5 in use at a Window to the world application


Industry standard for immersive 3D for large tracking volumes, accurate and stable

ARTTRACK5 is the next generation of our ARTTRACK camera family, the standard for immersive 3D applications in industry and research.
ARTTRACK5’s enhanced features offer higher…

TRACKPACK/E: small tracking camera for limited spaces and powerful


Best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes

TRACKPACK/E camera is our best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes with a respectable frustum volume of 60m³. It is compatible with ARTTRACK5 and ARTTRACK5/C, and users can add up to 8 cameras to one ART Controller…


Clean out sale of SMARTTRACK2!

Take your chance and get well-proven ART quality for an unbeatable price!

SMARTTRACK tracking systems have always been our bestseller for small tracking areas, due to their many advantages.

SMARTTRACK3 and SMARTTRACK3/M in size comparison


plug & play tracking solution for small volumes

Two tracking cameras and the controller are fully integrated in one housing. When delivered, SMARTTRACK3 is pre-calibrated and may be used immediately. This and its compact size make…

ART Controller is suitable for ART tracking systems

ART Controller

Suitable for ART TRACKing systems

The ART Controller is available in a single variant for the housing and it is rack-mountable (19" housing). In case no rack will be available at the customer’s site it’s also possible to place the ART Controller on a table for example…


YOur PLUS for interaction

2+ is more than 2, and also more than 3! We have improved our bestseller for interaction Flystick2 with sophisticated details and new features. Many wishes of our customers and partners have been taken into account by our developers. Flystick2+ convinces with…

Fingertracking, with or without tactile feedback


vibro-tactile or pure

The Fingertracking device is an add-on to the ART tracking system, which allows you to track the orientation of the hand and the position of the fingers.

ART Measurement Tools for high-precise point measurements

Measurement Tool

For high precise point measurements

The ART Measurement Tool is a pointing device for measurement applications. In this specialized field it is very important to measure positions of points with a high degree of accuracy.

ART Motion Capture with IFM's human model software Dynamicus

Motion Capture

Digitizing of Movements

Motion Capture ("mocap") is the technique of digitizing the movement of people, animals or objects. In the case of the ART Motion Capture system, markers are attached to the subject’s limbs and can be worn over normal…

ART Motion Capture are also available as a hybrid version


Motion capture assistance tool

ART-Human is a tool to assist motion-capture projects. The software uses the information of our highly accurate 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) optical targets to track a human subject. We use 17 ergonomically designed targets which can be worn directly on…

ART Satellite Merger: tracking inside occluded compartments

ART Satellite Merger

Tracking inside occluded compartments

Do you need tracking in an occluded compartment inside your CAVE? For example in a closed car body inside the CAVE? Is this occluded compartment even moving during tracking operation?

Motion Capture body targets allow full body tracking


Many geometries, also customized

Targets consists of several markers (minimum 4), and will give the 6DOF (degrees of freedom). Here also, we distinguish between passive and active types. In addition to our standard targets we offer several construction sets for your own targets and…

ART markers are available in different sizes, coated and uncoated, active or passive


Active and passive versions available

Active markers are infrared light emitting elements, mostly LEDs. All active markers provided by ART are just emitting radiation when the tracking cameras are sensitive, thus have to be synchronised with the cameras.…

ART develops own tracking software


Connectivity of ART software products

To be able to use ART’s DTRACK tracking systems in VR or AR applications, one needs an interface. Lots of VR systems have developed a direct interface using the SDK…