Our tracking software for any VR/AR application

All ART systems have been designed around an integrated and adaptable architecture that provides reliable and accurate motion tracking for immersive projection systems, wide area HMD tracking and many other VR applications.

The system hardware typically consists of four main parts:

  • The Controller which provides the physical interface between the cameras and the host computer, either directly or via a network.
  • The infrared tracking array, which can be a combined mix of TRACKPACK, ARTTRACK and SMARTTRACK cameras.
  • Accurate and ergonomic navigation and interaction devices such as Flystick and Fingertracking.
  • ART’s uniquely wide range of custom optical targets for stereoscopic glasses, HMDs, motion capture and many other uses.

Our DTRACK control software is the heart of every ART system. Its purpose is to support fast, easy and accurate setup of your camera configuration and to provide unrivalled stability in operation. 3DOF and 6DOF data is captured by the cameras and sent via the Controller to DTRACK where real-time orientation and positions are calculated, solved and sent directly to your 3D software application.

DTRACK has been designed around a simple and user-friendly GUI which can be used either directly connected to a system host computer or can allow the system to be controlled from anywhere across a computer network. The tracking data is exchanged between the ART Controller and the DTrack GUI via a TCP/IP connection, providing maximum flexibility and stability in operation.

Supported 3rd party software and interfaces can be found in the technical data sheet. The DTRACK SDK is made available for our customers and partners in the Download Center.

Unity and Unreal

Free downloads: The DTRACK Unity plugin is available in the Unity Asset Store as well as on the OpenUPM portal, while the DTRACK Unreal plugin can be downloaded from our ART GitHub page.


The DTRACK application has provided the visual control of ART systems since Version 1.0 was introduced over 20 years ago. Since its introduction it has been continually developed and refined, resulting in the introduction of DTRACK2 in 2009; a major step forward that supported a dedicated ART Controller and the forerunner of today’s GUI front-end application. DTRACK2 continued to evolve over the next ten years to adapt to the changing demands of our customers and adding evermore useful functionality.

With the rise in demand for HMD wide-area tracking, and to support our current, latest and future product lines, a completely new version was announced at the end of 2019; DTRACK3.

DTRACK3 offers many new and exciting features such as the ability to control multiple SMARTRACK3 systems, and increases operational flexibility by allowing integration with existing ART camera arrays for use with applications such as seamless tracking for inside and outside a car body or seating buck.

DTRACK3 is the result of our 20 years of experience in building the world’s most accurate and reliable optical motion tracking systems. It was designed with the specific aim of equipping and preparing us to meet the increasing demands of the current and future VR market, and we are confident that ART is perfectly placed to be your motion tracking partner of choice for many years to come.

What PRovides DTRACK3?
  • Higher performance:
    • Supports SMARTTRACK3 in general and cascades of two SMARTTRACK3 without additional ART Controller
    • Supports cascades of mixed multi camera systems, also for combinations of SMARTTRACK3 with ARTTTACK5(/C) or TRACKPACK/E
    • The modulated flash for all cameras enables safe tracking of active targets also in big volumes
    • Facilitates a more intelligent recognition of targets
  • More flexible licence concept, adaptable to your individual requirements:
    • Perpetual licences
    • Annual licences
    • Bugfix releases included within the standard warranty period
    • Version upgrades included with service level agreement
  • Support of latest ART products:
    • our compact tracking camera ARTTRACK6/M
    • our interaction device Flystick2+
    • our plug & play tracking camera for small spaces SMARTTRACK3/M
  • Support of all known DTRACK2 features, particularly:
    • Easy remote access to the Controller by a PC on which DTRACK3 is installed
    • Easy, exact and fast room and body calibration
    • Ready-to-use system in a few minutes after changing camera positions
    • Data output via Ethernet
    • Tracks up to 70 targets
How do you know that DTrack3 supports your devices?
  • During the updating process the software checks compatibility and reports those components that are not supported anymore.
  • Please contact  us if you have concrete questions or uncertainties regarding support of your components.
What's not supported anymore?

In general, new DTRACK versions also support older tracking devices. Yet, it's not always possible to keep everything compatible. These devices are not supported in DTRACK3 anymore:

  • Some of the first ARTTRACK Controllers
    (please provide Serial Number and ART will tell you if your device is still supported by DTRACK3)
  • Radio transceiver RT1
  • Flystick1
  • Early prototypes of Fingertracking Tactile

Look here for interfaces and compatible software:

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The following additional products fit to this product

ARTTRACK5 in use


Industry standard for immersive 3D applications

The next generation of our ARTTRACK camera family comes with higher frame rate and resolution, as well as increased flexibility for all motion tracking applications.


Best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes

TRACKPACK/E camera is our best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes with a respectable frustum volume of 60m³. It is compatible with ARTTRACK5 and ARTTRACK5/C, and users can add up to 8 cameras to one ART Controller…


plug & play tracking solution for small volumes

Two tracking cameras and the controller are fully integrated in one housing. When delivered, SMARTTRACK3 is pre-calibrated and may be used immediately. This and its compact size make SMARTTRACK3 the ideal mobile, out-of-the-box…

ART Controller

Suitable for ART TRACKing systems

The ART Controller is available in a single variant for the housing and it is rack-mountable (19" housing). In case no rack will be available at the customer’s site it’s also possible to place the ART Controller on a table for example…


YOur PLUS for interaction

We have improved our bestseller for interaction Flystick2 with sophisticated details and new features. The interaction device convinces with a re-defined design, provides audio & vibro-tactile feedback and many more exciting features.


vibro-tactile or pure

The Fingertracking device is an add-on to the ART tracking system, which allows you to track the orientation of the hand and the position of the fingers.

Measurement Tool

For high precise point measurements

The ART Measurement Tool is a pointing device for measurement applications. In this specialized field it is very important to measure positions of points with a high degree of accuracy.

Motion Capture

Digitizing of Movements

Motion Capture ("mocap") is the technique of digitizing the movement of people, animals or objects. In the case of the ART Motion Capture system, markers are attached to the subject’s limbs and can be worn over normal clothes (no need for lycra…


Motion capture assistance tool

ART-Human is a tool to assist motion-capture projects. The software uses the information of our highly accurate 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) optical targets to track a human subject. We use 17 ergonomically designed targets which can be worn directly on…

ART Satellite Merger

Tracking inside occluded compartments

Do you need tracking in an occluded compartment inside your CAVE? For example in a closed car body inside the CAVE? Is this occluded compartment even moving during tracking operation?


Many geometries, also customized

Targets consists of several markers (minimum 4), and will give the 6DOF (degrees of freedom). Besides our numerous standard models, we also offer customized developments.


Many versions available

ART provides a variety of different markers and marker types, according to the requirements of each installation: active, passive, small, big, coated, uncoated,...