New DTRACK3 version available

DTRACK3 v3.2.1 - enhanced features

Improved user guidance - just select the wanted target and assign it!

Increased camera scalability – needed for large tracking volumes or angled rooms, like for example:

  • production halls
  • HMD arenas
  • car clinics
  • Motion Capture applications
  • tracking inside of vehicles: airplanes/helicopters, trucks, boarding scenarios,…

Integrated manuals – open it from DTRACK directly

DTRACK3 v3.2.2: further improvements

Further implemented customer requests for better user-friendliness:

  • upgrade of ARTTRACK6/M to v1.2.2 (fixes boot problems)
  • daily automatic backups -  when starting the frontend the first time each day. Can also be deactivated.
    Files can be found in <user>/.ART/DTRACK3/v3.2.2/backup/
  • extended timestamp data output in UDP data stream
  • easier room adjustment - adjust the tracking system origin to a projection screen or match the coordinates from a CAD application even more easily

Bug fixes

  • no more losing of reference target setting after changing the active configuration

You can download this latest version in our Download Center.

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