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Motion capture assistance tool

ART-Human is a tool to assist motion-capture projects. The software uses the information of our highly accurate 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) optical targets to track a human subject. We use 17 ergonomically designed targets which can be worn directly on normal clothing.

Key Features
  • Full inverse kinematics of human skeleton model
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Use of 6DOF optical tracking targets
  • Fast automatic bone-length-calibration (< 1 min)
  • Numerous third-party software supported, see document "ART Connectivity"
  • Fully compatible with the ART Fingertracking system 

For normal usage the ART-Human model calibrates the length of each limb segment automatically. After the targets have been attached, the fast and straightforward calibration process is started. The user simply moves his arms and legs for around 20 seconds to the full mobility of all joints. The accuracy of the calibration is then evaluated by the software, and the results – the length of each limb and the offset data for the 6DOF targets – are applied to the model.

ART-Human is now ready to send human model data in real-time to your application. We provide our own 6dj format, similar to the Fingertracking hand data format.

It’s also possible to use Fingertracking with ART-Human at the same time. The movement of the human subject is now linked directly in realtime to the manikin in the 3D model.

The following document contains ART connectivity information, including ART-Human interfaces
ART Connectivity