ART Satellite Merger: Tracking mit verdeckten Bereichen

ART Satellite Merger

Tracking inside occluded compartments

Do you need tracking in an occluded compartment inside your CAVE? For example in a closed car body inside the CAVE? Is this occluded compartment even moving during tracking operation?

ART now offers a solution for these requirements: The ART Satellite Merger

The tracking is achieved by the combination of two different tracking systems:

  • a superordinate system captures the complete tracking volume including the tracking of the outer compartment (or car) via a reference target
  • a sub tracking system covers the inside of the compartment (or car)

The ART Satellite Merger is then merging the two data streams in a way that all tracking data will be put out in the coordinate system of the superordinate system.

The software was successfully tested at the "Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center" at KIT Karlsruhe (see pictures and their website article, english version).  

We want to thank all LESC people, especially Ms. Polina Häfner, Mr. Viktor Häfner and Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova for making the tests possible!