High-precision Tracking camera for large volumes

AT7-80 is our latest premium tracking camera out of the ARTTRACK product line - our most accurate and precise camera yet. Our teams have worked hard to create a product that increases accuracy while tracking large-scale applications with precision.
Our tradition of creating the world’s most accurate, reliable and stable motion tracking cameras continues.

AT7-80 is equipped with features that make it stand out from competitors

  • Larger tracking volume – fewer cameras (related to the same tracking area)
  • Longer tracking range – smaller targets trackable
  • Even more precise, measurable tracking
  • Reliable tracking technology in ART quality

Fields of application

  • large tracking areas
    • large-scale Motion Capture and HMD arenas, e.g. car clinics
    • virtual film productions
  • large projection systems
    • e.g. large Powerwalls etc.
  • precise measuring tasks (measurement of components)
  • training and maintenance simulation - also in huge application fields
    • e.g. trains, airplanes, ships

Which ARTTRACK camera suits best to your requirements? Here's a decision support: 

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