ART develops own tracking software


Connectivity of ART software products

To be able to use ART’s DTRACK tracking systems in VR or AR applications, one needs an interface. Lots of VR systems have developed a direct interface using the SDK coming from ART.

Unity and Unreal
Free downloads: The DTRACK Unity plugin is available in the Unity Asset Store as well as on the OpenUPM portal, while the DTRACK Unreal Plugin can be downloaded from our ART GitHub page.

For our products in connection the software VERPOSE, we provide a VERPOSE®-specific interface, the VERPOSE® API. It is a TCP/IP-based interface for direct communication with VERPOSE® and can be obtained free of charge from ART.

CAPTA supports software and standard interfaces able to read 6DOF data via Ethernet and interpret them. It uses the same format as our DTRACK Software. In detail, CAPTA uses ethernet (UDP/IP datagrams) to send data to other applications.

Look here for interfaces and compatible software:
ART Connectivity