Zwei ARTTRACK6/M beim Tracking


Small and powerful - for medium sized tracking areas

ART is well known for adaptions to users' requirements. Regarding ARTTRACK6/M the need for a small and powerful camera that can be used in limited spaces and compartments was very high, especially from the developments in the automotive industry and from the simulation and training market. Like any other ARTTRACK camera, ARTTRACK6/M has an integrated processing unit.

ARTTRACK6/M is one of the world’s smallest, fastest and most accurate optical motion tracking cameras!

ARTTRACK6/M is the very handy solution for medium sized tracking volumes and tracking inside limited spaces!

    ARTTRACK6/M convinces
    • compact size for installation inside constricted spaces like in-car-tracking, aircraft cockpits and vehicle interior mock-ups
    • only ART Controller - no separate computing unit
    • high speed - high frame rate for tracking of fast moving objects, up to 500 Hz
    • low latency for increased interactivity and improved VR experience
    • tracks from very short to long distances - under 30 cm up to 5 metre
    • super-wide field of view for integration in constricted areas
    • outside work:  variant (ARTTRACK6/M-IF) available, with special filters for work in sunlit areas
    • for in-car installations we recommend the low-voltage automotive ART Controller/M

    Unboxing ARTTRACK6/M

    Technical data

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