Motion Capture von ART mit der Humanmodell-Software Dynamicus von IFM

IfM Chemnitz, Germany

Motion Capture with IFM's human model software Dynamicus

As a non-profit industry-oriented research facility, the Institute of Mechatronics (IfM) is active in the field of the simulation of the dynamics of mechatronic systems and human-machine interactions. The company is based in Chemnitz and includes 15 employees. The close contact with our customers is very important for us; therefore we work with the principle: close to you.

Furthermore the quality of our products is significant and we always try to develop our products further. The company works in the field of Multibody simulation with self-developed Software solutions. One of these is the human model Dynamicus, which is applied in the biomechanics, ergonomics or sports science to analyze the human motion.

ART Tracking Solution

The tracking equipment of the IfM is used as a portable and flexible system. That means it is possible to capture either in a laboratory, in a factory or in sports facilities and it also allows to change the setup quickly in case the requirements change. For the motion-capture projects the IfM either uses ART’s hybrid suit or their optical target set, in various combinations. Besides the human movement, it is also important to capture the movement of pieces which are necessary for the process. In addition to the capturing the IfM expands the tracking by a system for measuring the ground reaction forces. As a combined system it is possible to analyze the human motion and the human forces too.


  • Ergonomic analysis: The hybrid suit is used to capture the posture and movements for ergonomic assessment. For the analysis you can use the Dynamicus/EAWS or Dynamicus/RULA-Software.
  • Biomechanics: The full ART Motion Capture target set is used in combination with the force plates to analyze the human movements and their associated forces.

Why ART ?

  • Portable, robust and flexible
    • An important argument is that ART products are portable, robust and flexible.
  • Wearable above the clothing
    • ART MoCap targets are wearable above the clothing.
  • Two bodies trackable
    • With the ART system you can track two full bodies including equipment simultaneously.

Set Up

  •     Tracking cameras: 8 x ARTTRACK5, 4 x ARTTRACK3 and 8 x ARTTRACK2
  •     Motion Capture: Optical Target Set and hybrid suit
  •     ART measurement tool
  •     3 x Kistler force plates