Daimler Germany is using ART Fingertracking with vibro tactile feedback

Daimler, Sindelfingen, Germany

Fingertracking at Daimler’s product development

Germany's high-class car company recognizes Virtual Reality as a very effective and cost saving chance within their product development. Daimler’s Virtual Reality Center in Sindelfingen is taking care of how Virtual Reality can be used for an efficient and time saving product development.
With the help of tracking and interaction systems and the appropriate software solution Daimler is able to do ergonomic research and developments in a much more efficient and quick way: instead of changing a real existing prototype a hundred times for only small modifications, they can now change the settings in the application software very quickly and have the virtual results right away! A perfect method in order to reach the varying requirements of their very different markets.

The tracking solution

The vehicle does not only have to be examined from the outside, but of course also from the inside. That’s why Daimler uses a CAVE for their virtual applications.
As it is not only important to see but also to feel and touch the planned parts of a car, Daimler uses ART Fingertracking system with vibro tactile feedback:
With self-flashing LEDs it’s possible to track the position of the fingertips within a few millimeters. After a quick collision calculation the user can touch the virtual car components with a vibro tactile feedback.
With this technology you can for example do feasibility studies for control elements and even navigate the scene via a virtual menu so that you can interact outside of the direct grab radius.

Why ART ?

  • Fast data transfer
    • ART tracking could fulfill the requirements for a fast and smooth data transfer
  • Great support & service
    • ART ‘s quick and good on-site support and service is a strong argument.


  • Barco 5 sided cave
  • 4 x TRACKPACK/C and 4 x ARTTRACK2 cameras
  • Input devices: Flystick3, Head- and Fingertracking