ART tracking system enables virtual training and instruction, collaboration and virtual designs.

Packaging Valley, Germany

New VR Center using optical tracking

Visitors can use VR technology for life-sized three-dimensional simulations of machines and procedures….and give their presentations a special high impact. With its own virtual reality (VR) and innovation center in the Packaging Valley (Schwäbisch Hall) new possibilities for the packaging machine engineering are now open.

The VR center was installed by Imsys, German provider of advanced visualisation solutions.

It is a joint project of member companies and the Packaging Valley and is part of the initiative 4.0 in packaging mechanical engineering. The facilities are available especially for member companies, but also for other interested companies for common use. Thereby VR technology shall become an integral part of the process chain in the packaging machine engineering.

The tracking solution

The modern equipment puts no limits to your applications:

Interactive 3D presentations:
Life-size visualisations and 3D presentations - enabled by a modern ART tracking camera system - allow greater efficiency in the use of resources. You gain an advantage especially in the development of equipment, processes and products, as well as in the execution of training and equipment admissions.

Virtual collaboration in the development phase:
Virtual designs and digital mockups can be implemented quickly and cost-effective before building the actual prototype. Optimal alternatives bear fruit already during development.

Training and instruction without standstill:
By using 3D glasses and navigation tools employees and customers can be familiarised in the virtual 3D view with machines and processes without disrupting ongoing production. Different perspectives that are often not possible in reality, make the training even more effective.

Virtual Design - Digital Mockups - Virtual commissioning / process simulation - Training and education for employees and customers - Product verification - Research & Development

Why ART ?

  • ART products are accurate & reliable
  • Easy to set up and calibrate!
  • Good partnership with ART
  • The long-term and successful partnership between Imsys and ART


  • Powerwall with a presentation display of 4 x 2.5 m
  • 4 x TRACKPACK/E tracking cameras
  • ART Head- and Flystick tracking for navigation and interaction
  • Whiteboard, beamer, integrated loudspeakers and video cameras