ART's developers create sophisticated products and solutions.

ART's strength in customized solutions

Special targets, software adaptations and technology variants

Since the very beginning ART has been keen to create adapted variants of our product range or even completely custom solutions to fit with certain customer’s special requirements.

With all of our company departments under one roof we benefit from very short lines of communication from one department to the other, and combined with a very flat hierarchy within the company means that team decisions can be taken and implemented very quickly. 

ART’s range of adapted tracking objects includes specially designed clip-on targets for the most popular models of Led shutter glasses as well as the best-selling HMD’s for industrial use. Specific targets are much more efficient than trying to adapt a generic target, as not only are they neater in appearance, the specially calculated asymmetric layout of the markers means that tracking data will be more accurate and reliable. You can see an overview of the available options here. The ART in-house software team further enhance the professional integration of our systems with the development of drivers and plug-ins for games engines, middleware applications as well as completely new software features for OEM projects. Finally, we design and produce special variants of our off-the-shelf tracking cameras, such as the ARTTRACK5/C-IF for outdoor use under bright light conditions, or a variety of custom mountings so that our VERPOSE camera can be attached to a diverse range of hand held assembly tools.

We are very proud of all mentioned and confidential customized products and solutions that we have realized so far. And we'd like to encourage you also to challenge us with your unique project in order to find a best solution for you! Please contact us here.