AT7-80 premium tracking camera

Our latest premium AT7-80 tracking camera is THE choice if you’re looking for an accurate, stable and high-quality product in the field of large scale immersive tracking applications.

AT7-80 is characterized by an impressive tracking volume, which allows that the number of cameras in an environment can be significantly reduced. With this innovative function in most cases only wall cameras are needed to efficiently cover a large tracking area. The combination from a flash that is twice as powerful and a higher resolution also enables an extended tracking range so that even smaller objects can be detected precisely.

With a resolution of 8 megapixels, the AT7-80 offers an even more precise tracking quality, so that already the finest movements are accurately recorded. Its impressive frame rate of 180 Hz is ideal for use in head-mounted displays (HMDs) and enables immersive tracking experiences.

The camera's state-of-the-art sensor reduces sensor noise to one minimum and thereby minimizes any jitter effect, resulting in extremely precise
tracking data leads.

The AT7-80 is ideal for a variety of suitable application fields. In large-scale applications and HMD arenas, such as for example car clinics, it opens up new possibilities for virtual film productions. In addition, it is ideal for precise measurement work, such as measurement of components, as well as for training simulations in the area of maintenance.

"We are so excited to introduce the AT7-80 tracking camera to the public," said the spokesman for Advanced Realtime Tracking. "Bet with this groundbreaking innovation we set new standards in terms of precision, range and efficiency in the field of tracking. We are confident that the AT7-80 will meet the needs and expectations of our customers and will help them take their projects to a new level."