Ein guter Support ist dem ART-Team wichtig

Technical Support


All ART products (i.e. software, hardware and SDKs) are "not" affected by the "log4j" vulnerability that was discovered in December 2021. This includes all DTRACK, CAPTA and VERPOSE solutions and products. Do not hesitate to reach out to our support should you have additional questions.

ART is there for you
We are always happy to help you. In case you purchased your ART system at a contracted ART partner, we advise you to contact them first, as guarantees and warranties are depending on your contract of purchase.

If you are a direct ART customer we offer different ways to solve your issues and support you in using your ART products and solutions in the most opimized way.

Set Up & Settings
Assistance at any scale. Benefit most from your systems by using them optimally and best adjusted. Our team of experts is happy to help you with any problem related to installation, settings and configuration of ART systems.

Support / Troubleshooting
Any issues in using ART products? Not sure if your installation is correctly adjusted and running at full speed? There are several options to get information and help: