Immersive experience with an ART tracking system

University of Gdansk, Poland

OPtical tracking for "easy to access" immersion

How can we create a virtual reality environment with the highest possible degree of immersion, without overloading users with too much equipment to wear? The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) at the Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland, has found the solution.

Professor Krzysztof Goczyła, Dean of the ETI faculty: “VR definitely is one of the fastest growing branches of modern science. As a frontrunner, we simply needed the most advanced solution to explore the possibilities of this revolutionary technology.” So the ETI faculty wanted the VR set-up to guarantee the highest possible degree of immersion – unrestricted freedom of movement and stereoscopic 3D projection –, without overloading users with equipment to wear.

Why ART ?

  • Most advanced and reliable solution
    • We simply needed the most advanced and reliable solution to explore the possibilities of this revolutionary technology.
  • High Accuracy
    • ART Tracking systems are simply very accurate...
  • Low latency 
    • ...and their low latency is fantastic and very comfortable.

The tracking solution

Integra AV, a leading audio and video systems integrator, helped design, develop and install a CAVE consisting of four vertical acrylic flat screens, a horizontal glass/acrylic screen floor and an acrylic ceiling with special coating to ensure the highest brightness uniformity.
The brand-new ‘Immersive 3D Visualization Lab’ combines a large, six-sided active stereo CAVE with a large, transparent, spherical walk simulator – a world first! The CAVE at the heart of the laboratory, which is one of the largest in the world, is powered by 12 Barco Galaxy NW7  projectors. They ensure the brightness, the active 3D stereo capabilities and edge-blending features that the faculty needs to provide exemplary image quality. Furthermore Integra AV implemented a high-quality, very accurate and stable running ART tracking system, consisting of 4 x TRACKPACK/C cameras, a Flystick2 and a headtracking system.


  • 12 x Barco Galaxy NW7 projectors
  • Flystick2 and headtracking
  • Software: IntegraAV, Unity3D