TRACKPACK/E: small tracking camera for limited spaces and powerful

Wichita State University, USA

Largest reconfigurable FLEX immersive visualization system ever

Wichita State University’s (WSU) National Institute for Aviation Research partnered with Dassault Systèmes and Mechdyne Corporation to custom design, build, and install the largest reconfigurable FLEX immersive visualization system ever deployed by Mechdyne. The three organizations - comprising the University’s Innovation Project Team - worked together for over a year to discuss strategies built around the university’s campus vision and to develop the goal of transforming manufacturing across multiple industries like aerospace and defense, life sciences, and industrial equipment through innovative applications of technology.

“By using the FLEX system, we will create complete ‘virtual twins’ of products and processes before we make physical prototypes or investments,” says Jeff Fisher, WSU’s virtual reality lab manager. “The virtual twin within the immersive environment will create deep collaboration, insight, and understanding through product development lifecycles, and we will ensure products are right the first time.”

ART Tracking Solution

Mechdyne has been collaborating with Dassault and WSU since early 2014 to fully develop the vision for the virtual reality system. Ultimately, the university has a goal to enhance the concept and design process; user experience testing; virtual prototyping, facilities planning, and certification; and significantly shorten the product development and timelines for various industries. From these goals, Mechdyne designed the massive FLEX system. The fixed front wall measures nearly 19 feet, towering ten feet high, with each hinged side wall stretching an additional ten feet. The 12 LED projectors provide crisp 4K resolution on the front wall and the floor, with HD x HD resolution for the walls. The tracking is covered by 8 ARTTRACK5 optical tracking cameras.

Why ART ?

  • Accuracy and low latency
    • ART tracking systems combine high accuracy/precision with low latency to provide a more realistic and responsive interaction with the simulation.
  • Reliability and high uptime levels
    • ART tracking systems are very reliable and allow the system to achieve high levels of uptime.
  • Strong support
    • ART provides outstanding support to Mechdyne and end users for any technical inquiries from system calibration to achieving new functionality.

Set Up

  • Mechdyne Flex structure (10' tall x 40' wide structure with flexible 10' x 10' side modules)
  • Digital projection active stereo DLP projector (1080p LED-3D)
  • Mechdye Software Conduit and getReal
  • 8 x ART TRACKPACK/E camera
  • ART Flystick2
  • XPAND X103 Headtracking IR glasses