Grohe: Optical ART Tracking inside of the shower cabin

Grohe, Singapore

Optical Tracking inside of the shower cabin

Grohe, the "world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings", has opened its first flagship showroom in Singapore’s, Shaw Centre.

Luxury homes have bathrooms that are equivalent to spas, they consist of Jacuzzi’s, bubble baths controlled pressure massage showers and many other amenities, to ensure you feel rewarded after a hard day’s work.

Imagining top-notch spa facilities in the comfort of your very own home can be extremely difficult, Grohe understands that and wants to help you visualise the kind of experience their products have to offer.

Spanning 6,000 sq. ft. across two floors, the new Grohe Spa showroom is “a stage where Grohe’s advancements in water technologies are brought to life,” said Lixil Asia Pacific CEO, Bijoy Mohan. “The new outlet is meant to inspire consumers with its design, innovation and high-tech offerings.”

One of the highlights of the store is, ‘The Grohe Shower Configurator’, which provides a realistic virtual 3D setup of the bathroom fittings. Pre-select the shower systems you wish to experience before you step into the configurator and you will see your shower come to life. The touchscreen panel outside the setup or an app on your phone can help you configure the patterns on your favorite installations, to visualise exactly how the fittings would look like in your home. The virtual reality setup is an immersive experience and will leave you mesmerized by the end of it.

The tracking solution

In this case, Singapore’s well-known provider for 3-Dimensional VR solutions, Aviation Virtual PTE LTD, has chosen ART’s tracking system for small areas, the SMARTTRACK is powerful enough to track the inside of the shower cabin. Looking sideways from behind the user, for which special glasses have been developed by ART. It is a very easy and affordable VR system that already makes the user “…feel like he’s taking a shower without getting without the physical inconveniences associated with a shower.

Why ART ?

  • High quality for professional applications
  • ART products are of extremely high quality, the resulting accuracy, speed and stability are crucial for our professional applications in high-end business.
  • ART develops customer-centric products
  • ART is very well-known in the market for their customer-centric products that can be customised to provide effective business solutions in tricky conditions and requirements.


  • Head-tracking equipment that detects the exact location of the headgear and ensures the visualisation remains dynamic as per the user’s field of vision.
  • The programmers utilised the software, ‘Unity’ to develop the application and created the shower visualisations using 3D.
  • A separate unit was set up outside the booth to pre-program the sequence of the visualisations eliminating the need for a controller.  

About Xenium Digital
Xenium Digital is an experiential marketing company providing cutting-edge technologies to develop immersive experiences for brands around the world. Xenium Digital is responsible for the conceptualisation, design and programming of Grohe’s virtual reality setup.