A good support is important to the ART team


We want to see your systems running! In the most smooth and satisfying way. One of our main goals and core strengths is - besides producing high-quality products - offering our customers optimized pre- and after-sales services. 


Benefit from ART’s long-term experience! Get in touch with us and tell us your special challenges and requirements:

  • what is your status quo and what would you like to achieve?
  • how sophisticated are your technical requirements (accuracy, flexibility, handling,...)?
  • are you a starter, a medium advanced user or a well-experienced operator?
  • what are your financial restrictions?

Regarding your situation and your goals we will elaborate the most efficient and possible solution together with you.
Contact us for a first briefing and we will see what we can do for you!


Big enterprises, small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, universities,… different business requirements, possibilities and goals need different solutions and contractual options.

Several packages for Licenses & Warranty as well as for Maintenance & Support are available.

License & Warranty               
With respect to very different requirements, business plans and goals of our customers, we developed a license model that covers these different conditions. From a one year license, over a 3-year-variant up to a lifetime license our customers may choose whatever they need. And even more: once they have chosen but may notice later they need an other option, we will always find a way to adapt new requirements to the appropriate license option. Just let us know!

ART has earned a reputation for delivering the best possible products and service to its customers, and the standard two-year warranty underpins our belief in their quality and reliability. In addition we provide our customers with peace of mind for the working life of their ART system by offering extended warranties for up to five years from date of purchase.
Contact us and we'll find YOUR appropriate license option (depending on your product/s)!

Maintenance & Support 
Protect and maintain technology systems. Extend lifespans. Increase technology ROI. Performance as expected.
Doesn't that sound great? We of course want to get and keep satisfied customers that really USE their systems in the most effective and benefitting way. Optimized production and development processes with sophisticated tracking and localization solutions may generate reduced time and money charges.

So whenever you get any technical issue with an ART system a warranty agreement may help and will probably save time and money. We are happy to assist you for the right choice!

Here you can find an overview of our license model.



ART’s team has decades of experience assisting customers and making their systems most effective. Protect and maintain your investment and your users’ time with our professional ART technical support.